How do I restart a level or chapter?

In the hub, press and hold the red button on the left side of the portal machine for the chapter you wish to reset. You can only reset a chapter once the main puzzles within it have been completed.

I don’t know how to solve this puzzle!

Our community team is happy to give you some hints and help you progress in Shadow Point if you’re stuck. Join our Discord server at

Why can I only have 1 save slot?

Due to the game continuously saving, and giving the player the choice to play the game in any sequence – using multiple games save files creates complex challenges of how and when puzzles reset. Moving items into default positions and tampering with your game world incorrectly would ruin the flow and the experience of your game.

Where can I find the secret puzzles?

Secret puzzle entrances only unlock once all puzzles (including moon puzzles) have been completed within a chapter. Sometimes, in order to complete moon puzzles, you will need to progress further into the game and return the chapter.

I’m stuck out of bounds – help!?

Very occasionally, you can teleport out of bounds and not be able to get back to the game world. The only option here is to open the menu and return to Shadow Point and go back through the portal to your chosen chapter.

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